05/03/2011 01:46 pm ET | Updated Jul 03, 2011

Kristen Wiig Retiring 'SNL' Characters 'Gilly' and 'Penelope' (POLL)

In a recent article for Time by Joel Stein, "Saturday Night Live" staple Kristen Wiig revealed that she's retiring two of her most-recurring characters: the precocious "Gilly" and the attention-seeking "Penelope."

The article, titled "Kristen Wiig: The Anti-Comedian," looks at Wiig's late-blooming acting career and her rise to fame, including her upcoming feature film "Bridesmaids."

Stein lauds her ability to turn "one-note" characters, such as Gilly and Penelope, into quirky, compelling ones before revealing that Wiig is retiring both characters, no matter what Lorne Michaels says.

"She'll no longer do Penelope the one-upper or Gilly the mischievous schoolgirl, not even at Michaels' request," Stein writes.

Click over to Time to read the full interview.

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