05/05/2011 01:36 pm ET | Updated Jul 05, 2011

South Park Rips Tyler Perry (VIDEO)

The world patiently waited to see how South Park would tackle Osama bin Laden's death last night.

Their answer? Tyler Perry.

In an episode filled with slight references to current events, including an award to President Obama for "Best Joke at the White house Correspondents Dinner," Tyler Perry somehow became the center of attention as the episode mocked him and his Madea character.

You can see his first appearance in the show below.

South Park has actually killed Osama bin Laden a few times, including at the end of last season, when they also took on the Jersey Shore.

The satirical South Park method left some wary about what the episode was actually trying to address (was it comedy? Bin Laden? The Germans?). You can watch the full episode and decide for yourself here, from South Park Studios.