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Newt Gingrich For President: Twitter Reacts To Non-Announcement Announcement

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If a presidential aspirant alerts his or her supporters that an official campaign announcement is imminent, does it count as an announcement? This is one question that emerged Monday after former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's spokesman, Rick Tyler, told the Associated Press that that the Republican hopeful would formally announce a presidential bid on Twitter and Facebook on Wednesday.

Gingrich signaled himself on Twitter shortly after the news broke that he would discuss his plans for 2012 on Fox News on Wednesday night.

The non-announcement announcement quickly spread on social media, prompting many Twitter users to wonder if Gingrich spoiled his own social media campaign debut. We'll have to wait until Wednesday to see how the actual announcement is treated on those social media channels.

For now, here's a look at those jabbing today's pre-announcement. If you spotted a tweet that should be included here, please link it in the comments section below.

Newt Gingrich's Non-Announcement Announcement
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