05/10/2011 02:24 pm ET | Updated Jul 10, 2011

How To Get Google's New Cloud Music Service

Google announced today that it will soon be rolling out Music Beta, its cloud music player service.

Music Beta lets you upload your music library into Google's cloud and stream music on Android devices and computers, as well as create playlists with its "Instant Mix" creator.

So how can you get your hands on the service?

Music Beta is available by invitation only, meaning you must go to the service's website, and click the turquoise banner, either at the top or the bottom of the page, where it says, "Request an Invitation."

At this point, the website will ask you to sign in using your Google account. Once you've signed in, you simply click "Request invitation" so that Google can email you when the service is ready.

"Thanks for your interest in Music Beta! We'll get back to you when your invitation is ready," the site will tell you. Then, you wait.