Man Airlifted To Hospital After Fight With Cat

05/11/2011 12:13 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

This wasn't your ideal cat fight.

An altercation between a Cleveland, Texas, man and his feline-foe turned so bloody on Friday that the man had to be air-lifted to a Houston hospital.

According to the The Cleveland Advocate, even the man's knife-wielding attempt at fighting off the animal left both he and the aggressive kitty severely injured.

The result was so gruesome that the man was taken to Cleveland Regional Medical Center, only to have doctors elect for more serious medical attention, calling in air transportation to Houston's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

As for the house cat, local game wardens Danny Diaz and Adam Broll were called in to take her to the Big Thicket Veterinary Clinic, where she was eventually euthanized.

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