Anderson Cooper Slams Stephen Colbert (VIDEO)

05/11/2011 05:14 pm ET | Updated Jul 11, 2011

An incensed Anderson Cooper fired back at Stephen Colbert in what is shaping up to be the most explosive cable feud since the war of words between reporters in Libya.

Colbert threw down the gauntlet in late April, tearing into Cooper for putting Sean Hannity on his "Ridiculist" due to Hannity's selective editing of a Cooper clip. Colbert sided with Hannity and accused Cooper of ripping off his "On Notice" list. He then waited for Cooper to respond.

It took a couple of weeks, but Cooper weighed in on his Tuesday show. He accused Colbert of ripping him off in several ways, and even did the unthinkable: pronounced the "T" in Colbert's last name.

Exhibit A in Colbert's supposed serial thievery? His recent appearance on the cover of Outside magazine. Where, Cooper wondered, had Colbert gotten such an idea? Why, from him, he fairly j'accused, as a picture of an earlier issue of the magazine with--you guessed it--Cooper on the cover flashed on the screen.

"Not since I woke up disoriented smelling of toner in a Kinko's on 56th and Broadway have I seen such blatant copying," Cooper huffed. He also accused Colbert of ripping off his idea of having a Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor named after him. Colbert's "Americone Dream," he pointed out, was a blatant copy of his "White Bread Ripple."

As Cooper described it, the ice cream is apparently the perfect summertime refresher for drunk, aristocratic WASPs: "Little chunks of dry, white toast and vanilla ice cream with vanilla covered vanilla pieces. A swirl of gin and -- mmm -- just a hint of tonic."

Let's just say that if Stephen Colbert does not respond to this latest assault on his reputation, we will be very disappointed.


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