Colin Firth, Emily Blunt In New Dante Ariola Dark Comedy

05/11/2011 12:56 pm ET | Updated Jul 11, 2011

The center of a dramatic and moving tale of a besieged would-be King, fighting to overcome a lifelong impediment as Nazi bombs rain down on his beleaguered people, Colin Firth was crowned Best Actor at the Academy Awards -- and all the other major award shows -- for his masterful turn in "The King's Speech."

So, he's got that genre down. Now, on to conquering comedy.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Firth has signed on to star in a dark comedy, alongside Emily Blunt, as a man who fakes his own death so he can get a fresh restart on an unsatisfying life. Blunt will also play disaffected, and together the two assume new identities.

It'll be the debut feature film for commercial director Dante Ariola, making it an impressive cast for a first timer. Firth also recently signed on to star in "Stoker," a horror film that will co-star Nicole Kidman.

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