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New Los Angeles Restaurants: 5 Must-Trys

    First Posted: 05/14/11 03:09 PM ET   Updated: 07/14/11 06:12 AM ET

Economy be darned, new restaurants are still springing up everywhere an LA eater turns. And there are even some food lover destinations opening up in the South Bay, of all places! Here are the most interesting five restaurants that have opened in LA in the past month.

True Food Kitchen
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Truth be told, True Food Kitchen is a bit of a chain -- but at least the other three locations are in malls just as fancy as Santa Monica Place, including one in Newport Beach. The emphasis is on health, but delicious health. As in, there are desserts and cocktails; they're just made with wheat flour and fresh juice. Not too much of a sacrifice, really.
True Food Kitchen, 395 Santa Monica Place, at Fourth Street, Santa Monica (310-593-8300 or

Photo courtesy of True Food Kitchen.
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