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Debbie Georgatos And Her Avant-Garde Political Ad (VIDEO)

First Posted: 05/17/11 04:33 PM ET Updated: 07/17/11 06:12 AM ET

Debbie Georgatos, a candidate for Dallas County GOP chair, has released one of the more unusual campaign ads in recent months.

Equal parts Michele Bachmann-style refusal to look directly into the camera, late-night public access TV show and avant-garde found-footage art project, the ad features Georgatos' gloomy summary of the current state of the GOP, a supermassive black hole, a baby elephant being hosed down, and a few clips of mushroom clouds, lasers and Detroit.

Her greatest fear? That Dallas will turn into a "supermassive blue hole."

She also turns sepia at one point.

Voting commences today in Dallas County. For more, click over to the Dallas Observer.

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Filed by Lucas Kavner  |  Report Corrections