05/17/2011 06:33 pm ET | Updated Jul 17, 2011

Live Chicken Vending Machines: The Latest Animal Rights Stunt

NOAH, the German equivalent to PETA, recently installed a live chicken vending machine in Frankfurt in order to call attention to the living conditions of battery-caged hens.

The live chickens were not actually dispensed. Instead, the machine produced coins with eggs on them, with numbers on the coin corresponding to the sort of conditions chickens were raised in. For example, the number 1 indicated free range, while the number 3 meant the chickens were kept in cages.

The video below shows the vending machine in action, along with some facts to get NOAH's point across (at around 35 seconds, the video reads "16 chickens were demonstrating for their right to a fair life." As far as we know, the chickens did not consent to being put inside a fake vending machine). The video also notes, "no chickens were harmed during the campaigning for their fellow hens."