05/17/2011 01:17 pm ET | Updated Jul 17, 2011

Straphangers, Rider's Rebellion Announce '2011 Subway And Bus Photo Contest'

Any New York commuter knows our subway and buses can be the setting for things both disgusting and beautiful.

And with that in mind the NYPIRG Straphanger's Campaign and Transportation Alternative's Rider's Rebellion Campaign have teamed up for the 2011 Subway and Bus Photo Contest--an opportunity for any New Yorker with a camera to win an unlimited Metrocard for taking photos of everything from "the sun setting over an elevated line" to a subway station's "overflowing garbage can".

Contestants can enter 3 photos in each of the two categories--a "Good Transit Scene" with photos depicting anything that shows the "life and energy of the subway or bus system" or a "Bad Transit Scene" with photos showing "conditions on the subways or buses that need fixing, such as drips (and subway stalactites and stalagmites!) or broken lighting".

Winners in each category will receive an unlimited MetroCard and runners up will have their photos featured in an upcoming ad campaign for better service for commuters.

The Straphangers and Rider's Rebellion Campaigns are both transit advocate groups that promote public and alternative forms of transportation.