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Paris In Los Angeles: Springtime In Paris -- In LA

2011-02-22-marpoplogoweb1.jpg     First Posted: 05/18/11 12:55 PM ET   Updated: 07/18/11 06:12 AM ET

Story comes courtesy of Marpop.

By Mar Yvette

Ah, springtime in Paris. Flowers in bloom. A romantic river… and loads of tourists.

On second thought.

Why go through the commotion of getting over to France when you can have a taste of the City of Light right here in the City of Angels? Whether you’re in search of an enchanted garden in the middle of the city, moule frites and macarons at a delightful sidewalk cafe, pretty little things at a Parisian boutique, sexy French music on stage, or a musée brimming with art from Paris, there are plenty of ways to get a French connection in Los Angeles.

Paris Loves LA
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Glamour, sex, passion, love. Yep, sounds about right. The French pop culture of 1960s Paris swings back to life with Paris Loves LA, a revival of the songs of Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot performed by French singer and actress Adele Jacques. (She also plays a mean accordion.) Together with pianist Russell Rinker and a live jazz ensemble of some of LA 's best session players, the roaming performance group plays at various venues around the city. Visit for info on upcoming shows.

Photo courtesy of Paris Loves LA
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