05/19/2011 03:26 pm ET | Updated Jul 19, 2011

'South Park' Mocks Arnold Schwarzenegger At Top Of 'T.M.I.' Episode (VIDEO)

The "South Park" guys are all about working in last-minute news and pop culture references into their episodes, and this week was no different.

At the top of the episode dubbed "T.M.I.," Matt Stone and Trey Parker added a joke about Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent fall from grace that also included a pretty harsh comparison for Maria Shriver.

In the clip below, Butters (the only boy on the show who actually acts like an eight-year-old) starts talking about the "Terminator" movie over lunch. His description of the film starts out pretty accurate, but it soon becomes apparent that the naivest one in the group's been getting real life confused with the movies.