05/20/2011 07:25 am ET | Updated Jul 20, 2011

Sheena Upton, 'Botox Mom': 'I Don't Even Know What Botox Is' (VIDEO)

In a trio of videos released late Thursday, Sheena Upton, the woman known as "Botox Mom," tells that her story was scripted and the photos taken of her injecting her daughter with Botox were staged in a nail salon's waxing room.

Upton explains, "They told me to hold, like, a plastic -- it was a medicine syringe, no needle, just the medicine syringe and act like I was just holding it up and bend down, so I did that. I asked what the story was pertaining [to], they said it's just a salon day with your daughter and that's it. [....] Later on is when I heard they used it as [a] Botox [story], which, honestly, I don't even know what Botox is."

In other clips on the site, she says "Good Morning America" didn't fact-check the segment at all and that she was paid (albeit much less than she expected) by an outside company. previously dug up a sworn deposition that Upton, who went by the name Kerry Campbell, participated in the stunt for the money. Read about that, and more, here.


On Friday, "Good Morning America" ran a segment including TMZ's videos and footage of the freelance journalist who wrote the original story for The Sun. She maintains that she saw Upton/Campbell inject her daughter twice with a Botox-like substance and that she saw Campbell's identification.

Michelle Cespuglio, a close "Campbell" family friend, who attended the "GMA" taping on May 12, said, "I was there for everything. We were all there. We all saw it." And "GMA" consulted a doctor who said that if Britney had Botox three months ago, as reporter Lara Spencer was told that she did, evidence of it wouldn't show up on a medical exam.

Spencer adds, "To be clear, just what this mother did or did not do to her child is still under investigation by Child Protective Services."