05/21/2011 01:14 am ET | Updated Jul 20, 2011

WATCH: Fran Drescher On Taking Control Of Your Own Health

It took TV star Fran Drescher two years after first displaying symptoms to be properly diagnosed with uterine cancer. Before that, without getting the appropriate diagnostic tests from her physician, she was told that she had a peri-menopausal condition -- eight doctors later, she finally got the truth.

“After I went on my book tour, I realized that what happened to me had happened to so many women like me,” she writes on her website Cancer Schmancer (the same name as her 2002 book chronicling her journey to becoming a survivor). "And so it was then I realized the book was not the end but rather the beginning of a life mission to improve women's healthcare in America."

One way to do this is for women to advocate for their own healh, says the former "The Nanny" actress -- early detection dramatically increases survival rates. We check our hair, makeup and weight on a near-daily basis, but, "Honey when was the last time you checked your health?" Drescher asks. "Take control of your body and say 'Cancer, Schmancer.'"

Check out her tips for prevention, here, which she shared with AOL's "You've Got" producer Kim Peeler.