05/24/2011 08:29 am ET | Updated Jul 24, 2011

Meghan McCain On Glenn Beck: 'Toxic Message' (VIDEO)

Meghan McCain appeared on Monday's "Tonight Show" and spoke to Jay Leno about her war of words with Glenn Beck.

Beck pretended to vomit for several minutes on his radio show after seeing a video of a seemingly (but not actually) naked McCain in a skin cancer awareness ad. In response, McCain and her mother, Cindy, wrote stinging statements, and John McCain obliquely threatened Beck. Beck himself refused to apologize for the bit, saying it was just a juvenile joke.

On Leno's show, McCain described how she first found out about Beck's mockery.

"I woke up in the morning and my friend was like, 'I need to tell you that Glenn Beck vomited on his show for ten minutes about you being naked,'" McCain said. She told Leno she decided to let his words speak for themselves.

"No man will ever make me a victim, least of all Glenn Beck," she said. "... I do a lot with women's body image and this is a very toxic message that's being sent to young women...we have to own ourselves and own different sizes."

McCain then talked about her parents' reactions. "My father was tortured in prison," she said. "He could definitely kick his ass."

However, she said, "He was very uncomfortable. He didn't want to talk about it. My mother got really mad."