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Awful Celebrity First Jobs

    First Posted: 05/26/11 08:36 AM ET   Updated: 07/25/11 06:12 AM ET

First jobs and summer internships are notoriously bad; you're at the bottom of the corporate barrel and your "pay" (if it exists) barely covers subway fare and lunch. The good news: everyone's been there. If these celebs could go from waitressing and dressing as chickens to mega-stardom, then even the worst of your first jobs can be seen as learning experiences that you'll one day write about in your memoirs. Just keep telling yourself that...

Jennifer Aniston, Telemarketer
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If you hung up on a telemarketer in the early nineties, you may have ruined pre-Friends Jen's day. But don't worry, Karma's got it covered--these days you'd end up paying her for 10 minutes on the phone.
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