05/26/2011 02:13 pm ET | Updated Jul 26, 2011

Denver Woman Stabbed To Death At Group Living Home

A woman in her late-40s was killed Wednesday night in a Denver group living home on W. Wesley Avenue near the South Platte neighborhood in south Denver.

According to a Denver Post report, Anita Rich, a local neighbor says the treatment facility is for HIV-positive people. The victim had been living there for around 2 years, was both an employee and a resident and was living with AIDS, according to a statement made by Rich to 7News.

Rich had this to say to 7Newsabout the scene of the crime that she found after a man who also lives in the group home came pounding on her door to get help at 2 a.m.:

She [was] just drenched completely in blood, the whole side of her. I [saw] blood coming out of her nose and mouth.

Rich went on to say to CBSDenver that in the past, the victim and her boyfriend had some violent exchanges. However, police have not named any suspects in what is being investigated as a homicide.