Flickr Will Now Keep Deleted Photos For 90 Days

05/27/2011 08:49 am ET | Updated Jul 27, 2011

Regret deleting all the pictures from that disastrous birthday party? On Flickr, you now have three months to change your mind.

Flickr just updated its policy regarding erased content, so that pictures are saved for 90 days after they've been deleted.

Flickr writes:

We’ve now instituted a 90 day delay in deleting the content, including the photos, metadata, comments, and all the bits of an account, after it’s deleted. The data is no longer available publicly but it is kept on our servers, just in case you want to restore it. After that ‘buffer’ period, we erase it from our servers, ensuring your privacy.

Previously, Flickr deleted content immediately and forever. Flickr assures users that such content is kept secure on its servers and not shared publicly.

Flickr has also expanded its explanation of how user data is managed. The company notes that all photos and data are stored in multiple copies, in multiple locations, and that users own all rights and ownership over photos they upload.

Though Flickr's new policy give users some room to change their mind about items they deleted, it may also rankle users who don't want their data shared after they've asked for it to be deleted. What's your take? Do you want Flickr to hold on to your photos for months after you've deleted them, or do you want them purged the moment you say so? Tell us below.