06/02/2011 10:40 am ET | Updated Aug 02, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Maria Shriver's Lawyers: Who Are They? (PHOTOS)

After separating from Arnold Schwarzenegger last month and finding out about his long-hidden love child with former housekeeper Mildred Patricia Baena, Maria Shriver did what every savvy woman (with means) would do--lawyer up. And not just with any lawyer--Shriver snapped up attorney-to-the-stars Laura Wasser to represent her in what has the makings of a contentious (and expensive) split.

This week Schwarzenegger followed suit and hired legal counsel of his own--famed divorce lawyer Robert Kaufman. Both are known for maintaining a low profile for their clients, so don't expect a public battle--according to experts, if divorce proceedings ensue, these two will likely settle out of court.

It's not the first time Kaufman and Wasser have gone head-to-head; the celebrity lawyers squared off for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's split in November 2005.

Below, some of their most well-known clients.

Kaufman/Wasser Clients