06/02/2011 06:34 pm ET Updated Aug 02, 2011

Libya's Female Fighters: Rebels Training Dozens Of Women To Chant, Fire Weapons (VIDEO)

Defying deeply traditional, male-dominated social norms, Libyan rebel forces are training dozens of women to chant and fire weapons in the ongoing fight against leader Muammar Gaddafi.

As Reuters is reporting, the female recruits are being given military training by the rebel forces in a desert near Benghazi. "They are our mothers," said one male rebel. "We are teaching them how to use weapons and how to defend themselves to raise their morale."

The new recruits have so far described the experience as liberating, and say they are ready to take the fight to Gaddafi. "I feel today I am a free Libyan woman, and I hope I can be with my brothers, the rebels...I really want to be with them," said one woman.

Watch the full Reuters report below: