06/04/2011 12:07 pm ET | Updated Aug 04, 2011

Child Abuse Charges Dropped For Teacher Who Punched Student (VIDEO)

Three weeks ago, students in Sandra Hadsock's class learned a lesson you might not expect from a 64-year-old art teacher: How to throw a right hook.

According to Daily Mail, Hadsock struck one of her students after he allegedly called her obscene names and backed her against a wall. Although originally arrested and charged with child abuse, the State Attorney's Office has now decided not to file criminal charges, stating it is unclear whether or not Hadsock was acting in self defense.

Hadsock's attoney, Ty Tison, says the video "speaks for itself," reports St. Petersberg Times:

"If she would have done nothing, you might have been talking about some very severe injuries to a 64-year-old teacher. She wasn't going to wait to find out."

Video captured from a student's cellphone shows the shocking footage of the classroom feud escalating into a one-sided boxing match.