Donald Trump Reacts To Anthony Weiner Twitter Scandal, Calls Congressman 'Psycho' (VIDEO)

06/07/2011 05:02 pm 17:02:48 | Updated Aug 07, 2011

Donald Trump released a video response to the Anthony Weiner twitter scandal today--lashing out at the New York congressman, calling him a "bad guy" and a "psycho" for lying about sending lewd images to random women on the internet.

Trump says Representative Weiner used to call him "all the time looking for campaign contributions" adding that "It would never stop. He would give me all sorts of phone numbers. Fortunately I don't think I ever called them. The fact is Anthony Weiner's a bad guy. He's a psycho".

He speculates as to why Weiner sent the images and lied about it, saying that the congressman "probably just had a deathwish".

Trump, who flirted with a presidential campaign recently based solely on Birtherism, thinks the Congressman should "never, ever be allowed to run for office again".

In the end though, Trump sees a bright side to the whole 'Weinergate' saga, concluding, "I'll never have to give him campaign contributions and that's really wonderful."

Also, the Donald manages to begin an impressive five sentences with the phrase 'The fact is...' in the one minute, 44 second clip. As if to say, 'this is no mere opinion, this is FACT.'

Trump released the video as part of his "From The Desk Of Donald Trump" series on YouTube.

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