Ed Schultz Returns From Suspension (VIDEO)

06/07/2011 08:35 am ET | Updated Aug 07, 2011

Ed Schultz returned to MSNBC on Monday night to a doozy of a story: the Anthony Weiner scandal.

Schultz had been off the air for a week following his suspension in the wake of his comments about radio host Laura Ingraham, whom Schultz called a "right-wing slut."

Schultz did not make any extended statement about his return, but he did allude to it twice. At the top of his show, he said, "I left on an apology and I come back watching an apology." Later, speaking to Al Sharpton, Schultz mentioned that both he and his guest had been mired in controversy at times in their careers.

As for the Weiner scandal, Schultz called on the Congressman to resign. "Take one for the team," he told Weiner.


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