06/07/2011 09:01 am ET | Updated Aug 07, 2011

Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian Tweet About Nipples, 'Twisted T**ts'

The Kardashian sisters like to get racy. But this racy?

It looks like a few accounts may have been hacked.

As Khloe Kardashian tweeted, around 8:50 am on Tuesday, "On our way to Regis and Kelly!!!!! Wooohoooooooo," her sister, Kourtney, tweeted at the same time, "Her tw*t is twisted. Has that happened to anyone?"

It seemed non-sequitor, until Khloe also got racy in her next tweet.

"Thank God! I f*cking love nipples!!!! "@Wendel817: @KhloeKardashian Your nipple was showing on Fox and Friends. See through tops FTW.'"

It's true that the sisters were on the FOX show, but Khloe's graphic celebration of her nipples seems out of place. As does this response from her sister, which leaves out all the raunchiness:

"'@kellabel: @KourtneyKardash and @KhloeKardashian are on Regis and Kelly this morning @ 9am!! Love those crazy bitches xoxo'" almost there!"

Then, Khloe said, "I had a nip slip and I loved it! But my twat is fine! "'@KourtneyKardash: Her twat is twisted. Has that happened to anyone?'"

And finally, from Kourtney: "@KhloeKardashian:I had a nip slip&I loved it!But my twat is fine! "@KourtneyKardash:Her twat is twisted. Has that happened to anyone?" GOOD

What does it all mean? Perhaps the sisters will shine a light on it soon. Until then, know that Khloe loves nipples... and that her nether regions are fine.