06/07/2011 06:28 pm ET | Updated Aug 07, 2011

Nathan Engle Randomly "Sucker Punched," Killed In Fort Collins

*** UPDATE ***

The Associated Press reports that Terance Wilson, the suspect in the punching death, has denied involvement in the incident. Wilson told police he was leaving a club at the time. An arrest affidavit indicates Wilson's hand was broken in a manner consistent with a fist fight at the time of arrest.


Nathan Engle, a 24-year old father of three children, was randomly "sucker punched" near a Fort Collins gyro stand Saturday and died Monday.

Witnesses told the Coloradoan that Engle and his friends were at the gyro cart when another group approached and a man punched Engle in the back of his head. Engle was rendered unconscious and struck his head on the pavement.

Engle's cousin pinned the man that hit him until police arrived. The Denver Channel reports that Terance Wilson of Fort Collins was arrested at the scene.

Anyone with information or cell phone video of the incident is asked to contact Detective Jim Lenderts at (970) 416-2949.