06/08/2011 04:31 pm ET | Updated Aug 08, 2011

Web Legion Anonymous Hacks Indian Government Database

In a time of government gone wild, the online hyucksters and hackers known as Anonymous have taken it upon themselves to teach The Man a thing or two. Somewhat congregated on message boards like 4chan and Reddit, Anonymous is known for targeting religious groups like Westboro Baptist Church and other questionable notables like white supremacist Hal Turner and internet child predator, Chris Forcand.

This won't be the first government lock down for Anonymous, who previously tackled databases in Australia and Tunisia. A few weeks ago the group also targeted Iran, where social networks and online communities are largely thanked for spreading the messages of rebel groups.

This hack, hash tagged #OpIndia on Twitter and similarly on a corresponding Facebook page, aligns itself with Indian civilians in retaliation against violence toward religious leader Baba Ramdev, an activist leading a hunger strike to draw attention to government corruption. The takeover left India's National Informatics Centre inoperable and currently showing the message "site under maintenance." Twitter account @operationindia is posting updates.

Anonymous had the following message for citizens:

via Read Write Web