06/09/2011 08:02 am ET | Updated Aug 09, 2011

Anderson Cooper Mocks CNN, Jon Stewart, Rick Sanchez (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper used Jon Stewart's Anthony Weiner-related mishap to poke some fun at CNN--and himself--on his Wednesday show.

Stewart cut himself while doing a sketch about the Weiner scandal, and Cooper jokingly took him to task for it.

"Jon, have you learned nothing from your wise friends over here at CNN?" he said. "I mean, if there's anything we've been clear about, is that dangerous stunts have no place on respectable television."

He then played the infamous clip of Rick Sanchez getting tased.

"Television, particularly coverage of politics, is about being straightforward with your viewers," Cooper continued. "It should have nothing to do with gimmicks." The clip of Cooper talking to the hologram of during the 2008 election then popped up. And so it went, with several more examples of Cooper's somewhat lighter or more misguided moments.

Cooper also gave this description of himself:

"You have to ask yourself, Jon, do you want to be just another matinee anchorman? Say just for the sake of argument, one with steely-blue eyes, silver hair and a noble chin that says, yes, you can trust me, but don't push your luck?"

OK then! Duly noted.