06/09/2011 02:34 pm ET | Updated Aug 09, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: Breaking Down Three Under-The-Radar Shooting Guards

The three elite shooting guards in this draft class are Alec Burks, Klay Thompson and Marshon Brooks, all of who are terrific scorers in their own rights. Burks can rebound, drive and pull-up; Thompson gets it done from deep; and Brooks scores from all over the floor.

These next three are the second batch of off-guards, all of who can develop into valuable players in their own rights. Since everyone is talking about the first three, here is a look at 'the others.'

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Josh Selby, 6'3", 195 lbs., 20 years old, Kansas --

Selby was a big-time recruit entering Kansas, but due to a nagging foot injury and ineligibility (he was suspended nine games) during his freshman campaign, he was at best a mixed bag. A talented defender, gifted scorer and excellent athlete -- he has a 42" vertical -- Selby is most effective when he's slashing into the lane and not settling for 3-pointers. Unfortunately, he hasn’t gotten that memo yet. In college, he often sat on the perimeter and looked hesitant to attack off the bounce. The result: he took an alarmingly low 1.4 free throws per game. The youngster has seen his stock drop further as he's shot the ball inconsistently in workouts and struggled to guard his opponents. Some analysts think he's a point guard, but I don't see it. Selby doesn’t have good court vision and takes way too many errant shots to run a team at the next level. In time, he could become a productive shooting guard and solid NBA reserve, but to me -- as an undersized and selfish off guard -- he screams bust.

NBA Comparison: A Less effective O.J. Mayo

Current Projection: No. 15 (Indiana Pacers)

Travis Leslie, 6'4", 205 lbs., 21 years old, Georgia --

Perhaps the premier athlete (40.5" vertical) in the entire draft, Leslie has all of the natural tools to become a defensive stopper in this league. He possesses tremendous lateral quickness and physicality with his 6'4", 205 lb. frame, has incredible length (6'10.5" wingspan) and most importantly, loves to guard. Also a natural rebounder (7.2 per game), he can contribute on both ends of the floor. Offensively, he has a bit of a broken jumper though and doesn’t flourish coming off screens. However, Leslie has shown a vastly improved pull-up game and sound mechanics. And, his 80 percent free throw shooting suggests he has the potential to become an effective mid-range shooter in time. He doesn’t handle the ball very well, but, his sheer acrobatics and ability to finish in transition (converted on a near 60 percent in finishing situations according to Synergy Sports Technology) make him tough to pass on in the latter stages of the first round. Should turn out to be a solid pro.

NBA Comparison: Tony Allen

Current Projection: First round bubble pick

Andrew Goudelock, 6'2", 200 lbs., 22 years old, College of Charleston --

Klay Thompson is my favorite player in this draft, but Goudelock is definitely in my top five. The sweet-shooting guard has unlimited range on his jumper (40.7 percent 3s) and an equally deft quick release that will serve him extremely well as a pro. Scouts question his lack of athleticism and size, but there is always room for undersized guys who can spread the floor and shoot the lights out. Goudelock improved every season in college and has developed himself into beyond merely a one-dimensional spot-up guy. He has a collection of pump fakes and excellent footwork that allow him to get in the lane, which helped him reach his near-24-points-per-game average in the underrated Southern Conference. And, he can pass. His 4.2 assists are a welcomed sign for any off guard and show a willingness to not merely settle for perimeter jumpers. I think Goudelock, the Southern Conference player of the year, is going to surprise some people when it's all said and done.

NBA Comparison: Jason Terry is best case; a more creative Eddie House is worst case

Current Projection: Early-to-mid second round

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