'Are We There Yet?': Gil Gershoni, Ken Goldberg At San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

06/10/2011 08:51 pm ET | Updated Aug 10, 2011

Gil Gershoni and Ken Goldberg explore the idea of questions and curiosity in their new exhibit "Are We There Yet?: 5000 Years of Answering Questions with Questions" (stylized as Ar? W? Th?r? Y?t).

Gershoni and Goldberg explore the idea of questioning beginning with the joke "A man asks a rabbi: Why do Jews always answer a question with a question? The rabbi answers: Do we?" Both artists explore inquisitive impulse in relationship to the Jewish identity, in both broad and specific settings.

The exhibit itself is interactive. It's a "responsive sound installation incorporating social media,
statistical machine learning, and digital sound design." Anyone who is interested in participating can, regardless of proximity. The process is simple: go to the website, submit your question, and watch it appear. A query will show up both online, on the free iPhone App, and in the museum at the exhibit itself. Gershoni and Goldberg have ingeniously made the scope as open as possible, anyone with internet access can paticipate, question, challenge, and create.

As for the questions themselves, they're insightful, funny, and eclectic. Some examples include "What is the what?", "Should we always question authority?", and "Why do I hear the sound of the oceaan in my shoe?"

Follow the project on twitter where they post many of the questions submitted.

If you're in San Francisco go see it at 736 Mission Street, at the Contemporary Jewish Museum until July 31st.

Are we there yet show

All images and video courtesy of the San Francisco Contemporary Jewish Museum.