Are Celeb "Sex Tapes With No Sex" The New Sex Tapes?

06/15/2011 04:34 pm ET | Updated Nov 15, 2011

Images from LeAnn Rimes’ alleged sex tape have finally surfaced thanks to Gawker and eyewitnesses aren't exactly getting an eyeful.

For a tape that is allegedly sexual, there is a lot -- perhaps, too much -- left to the imagination, especially since she's wearing a tanktop.

In the old days, a sex tape had sex in it, but then, imperceptibly, something changed. Maybe it’s because the public’s demand for celebrity sex tapes exceeded the supply. Maybe it’s because celebs wised up and turned the video camera off.

These days, celebrity publicists — and celebs themselves — are forced to respond to scandals that, while embarrassing, really do not involve sex at all. These celebs have the new breed of sex tapes: “sex tapes with no sex.”


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