06/16/2011 08:28 am ET | Updated Aug 16, 2011

William & Kate Hold Off On Hiring Servants

William and Kate won't be hiring any help, after all -- at least not for now.

Last week, "Good Morning America" reported that royal officials posted an advertisement for a housekeeper-slash-dresser (not to be confused with a stylist) to assist the couple at Kensington Palace, parting with their prior plans to live without servants until the prince finishes his tour of duty.

Apparently, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have returned to their original decision. The Telegraph reports that William's private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, posted the job announcement without "fully consulting" his boss and his wife:

"It was a precipitous move on my part," said [Lowther-Pinkerton]. "It is the first time I have worked for a lady (in this role) so we are still working out what structures and infrastructures are needed.

"The post of housekeeper/dresser is being put on hold because we don't think there is a requirement for it, given that the couple are living a farmhouse lifestyle, [spending most of their time in Anglesey]."

Lowther-Pinkerton added that the pair might employ servants in the future, but, "There will be no major posts created until we've had time to suck it and see."

Of course, the British tabloids had a field day with this latest development. The Mirror claims that the hiring was put on hold because the salaries were too low: "We can reveal at least two people who applied turned it down when they found out the salary was £20k a year -- without accommodation."