06/17/2011 09:17 am ET | Updated Aug 17, 2011

Keith Olbermann Current TV Ad (VIDEO)

Current TV unveiled the first video ad for Keith Olbermann's upcoming show on Thursday.

Olbermann has been on a heavy publicity tour for the show, which launches Monday. In the ad, he battles with a roving block of pixels which cover his face and distort his voice. While he tries to evade the pixels and speak clearly to the viewer, Olbermann delivers the text of the ad:

The free flow of information has been thwarted, dissenting voices silenced, and for every story there's a flurry of heavily biased corporate-sponsored spin that can distract even the most engaged viewer. And every day we're left with a bit less clarity. Until now.

Current also produced a print ad for the new show, which debuted in early June.

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