Santa Clarita Gas Station Collapses After Car Crash, Gas Fire

06/17/2011 02:23 pm ET | Updated Aug 17, 2011

Two people are in the hospital with serious injuries after crashing into a Santa Clarita gas station. The crash caused the awning to collapse on both the speeding car and an unoccupied car in the station, reports KTLA. There was also a small gas fire, but it was put out quickly.

The crash is a result of an attempt to escape a police pullover. Before the crash at around 2am, a sheriff's deputy saw a car run a red light and then stop in the middle of an intersection. When the deputy tried to pull the car over, the driver sped away at speeds of about 100 miles per hour and crashed almost immediately into the gas station. ABC 7 reports that the car hit two gas pumps and a support beam, which is what brought the awning down. Rescue crews had to use the jaws of life to extricate the two people trapped in the car.

A spokesman for the LA County Sheriff's department told the LA Times that the crash was so immediate, "the deputy didn’t even have time to initiate a pursuit."

Authorities say that all the fuel pumps have been shut off and that there was no danger to the community, according to ABC 7. Alcohol is suspected to have played a part in the collision.