Summer Jobs: A Family Dinner Table Talk

06/17/2011 04:48 pm ET | Updated Aug 17, 2011

This week's Family Dinner Table Talk, from HuffPost and The Family Dinner book:

Summer jobs can be the start of an illustrious career...or just a way to make a buck. No matter what the job, there is always something to learn. Food celebrity Rachael Ray used to operate the dishwasher at Howard Johnson's and somewhat shockingly, organic food maven Alice Waters spent a summer selling fried chicken and biscuits. The New York Times reports that only one in four youths ages 16 to 19 is expected to find work this summer, a statistic that resembles a post-World War II low. In comparison, in 2000, 45 percent of teenagers had summer jobs.

Do you think summer jobs are hard or easy to find? How can more teenagers find summer jobs? How old do you think you should be to have a summer job? What do you think are some of the best summer jobs? Mom and Dad, what are some of your summer job memories? If you aren't old enough for a paying job, what other things can you do to get work experience?

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