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Ice Cream 'Cone-ing' Prank In Drive-Thru Windows Now A Thing (VIDEO)

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Mark this as the first time ice cream cones have been the center of moral outrage.

Well, we don't know if anyone is up in arms yet. But if "cone-ing" is anything like "planking," it may become the newest trend for kids to express subversion through harmless, yet slightly annoying means for the benefit of the Internet.

Cone-ing, as it appears in videos by its inventor Alki Stevens, usually consists of placing another cone on top of an ice cream cone handed by a fast food employee, and taping it for the Internet. However, he sometimes places a topping on the ice cream, or unexpectedly otherwise subverts the ice-cream-giving process, and then speeds off. Take that, minimum wage employee!

The employee is probably the real winner here anyway, because, free ice cream!


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