Mitt Romney, Republican Presidential Candidate, Speaks In Colorado And Announces Colorado Leadership Committee (UPDATE)

06/20/2011 03:12 pm ET | Updated Aug 20, 2011
  • Andrea Rael Associate Denver Editor, The Huffington Post

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is spending today in Colorado meeting with Aurora small business leaders.

According to the Associated Press, Romney will also be holding a private fundraiser for his presidential exploratory committee in Denver's prestigious Cherry Hills Village this evening.

Mitt Romney met with potential voters at a Mexican restaurant called the Brewery Bar IV, over chips and guacamole in Aurora yesterday lambasting "Obamacare" and the unemployment rate.

Romney said:

When the president came here at the Democratic National Convention he said, 'We democrats,' I am quoting him by the way, 'we democrats' he said 'measure our success by whether we can get people jobs and they can pay mortgages and if they can put a little money away at the end of the week so they can put some money to their kids education.'

Well on that measure, this president has been a failure for the nation and for Colorado, and he's gonna go because of that.

Romney also told the crowd that "this president is a nice guy, but he's never had a real job in the private sector."

In 2008, Romney won Colorado's presidential caucuses with nearly 60 percent of the vote compared to McCain's 19 percent. Romney spokesman Ryan Williams told 7News:
Gov. Romney has a strong network of support (in Colorado) that remains from his 2008 campaign. It's a state that we believe will be an important one for us to win.

Watch a video of Romney's first visit to Colorado as a 2012 presidential candidate below.


From the Daily Caller:

Instead of pressing the flesh in one of these early primary states, the Republican presidential candidate is making his presence known in a state that could prove to be important to him later down the road.

He’s spending Monday in Colorado, a likely general election swing state.

Listed honorary co-chairs of Romney's campaign include former Gov. Bill Owens, former Sen. and former president of the University of Colorado Hank Brown, former Sen. Wayne Allard, Colorado State Treasurer Walker Stapleton, Attorney General John Suthers and former Congressman Bob Beauprez.

In a press release Romney said:

I am proud to earn the support of so many well respected Colorado leaders. I look forward to working with them during my campaign to promote job creation, balance our exploding budgets, and reverse President Obama’s failed policies.

Associated Press reports also show Romney leading in national polls and so far the nominal frontrunner for the 2012 presidential race.