'Sirens': Denis Leary Developing Paramedic Comedy For USA Network

06/20/2011 09:15 am ET | Updated Aug 20, 2011

Say this for Denis Leary: he sure has an appreciation for first responders.

The actor/comedian, who is wrapping up his New York City firefighter drama "Rescue Me" this summer, is now moving on to another sector of public servant rescue squads: the paramedics. And though they're still dealing with life and death, this one may not be quite as dramatic.

Deadline reports that Leary will co-write and produce an American version of the upcoming British comedy, Sirens. As of now, the site reports, Leary won't be taking quite as big a role as he did in "Rescue Me," which he starring in as well as produced; for now, he's going to remain behind the scenes. There's a chance, though, that he could pick up a small role.

If "Rescue Me" fails to win an Emmy once again, perhaps this is the show that will put Leary over the top. And save his friendship with Michael J. Fox.

Given his "Rescue Me" TV duties, most of Leary's film credits over the past few years have been as part of the animated "Ice Age" series. Perhaps he'll soon be focusing again on a big screen career; he's got a role in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot film, as the father of Gwen Stacey, Peter Parker's first love, who is being played by Emma Stone.

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