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Ira Glass & More Support 'The Onion' Pulitzer (VIDEO)

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You probably know Ira Glass as the soft-spoken host of NPR's "This American Life," where he shares the amazing and often uplifting stories of people from all walks of life, so you've probably never seen him angry.

Well, apparently there's nothing in this world that grinds his gears more than The Onion's glaring lack of a Pulitzer Prize for Journalism, because he took the time out of his week to record and upload an incensed video to AFJAP's YouTube channel to bring attention to the issue.

What's more, other celebrities like Gayle King and Mario Batali are following suit and speaking out in support of the publication winning a Pulitzer as well.

With this much momentum, could an #OnionPulitzer be a possibility?


Via Rachel Fershleiser

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