Kevin McClain, Dying Homeless Man, Reunited With Dog For Final Wish (VIDEO)

06/21/2011 05:45 pm ET | Updated Aug 21, 2011

When 57-year-old Kevin McClain was hospitalized with terminal lung cancer, he never thought he'd see his dog again.

But Yurt, who had lived with McClain in his car for years, did get one more chance to see the man she spent so much time with before he passed, according to KCRG. Thanks to the community McClain was able to spend his last days with the dog.

Yurt had been taken from McClain when he was hospitalized, according to ABC.

It turns out that Jan Erceg, the Area Ambulance Service Paramedic Specialist that had taken the dying man to the hospital also volunteered at the animal shelter where Yurt had been taken.

"He said her name is Yurt and at that moment, that was my Aha! moment,” Erceg told KCRG.

The Hospice House, Ambulance Service, and animal shelter got together to grant McClain's final wish. "Yurtie" apparently immediately recognized her old owner, licking his arms and face, according to KCRG.

Though McClain did pass away shortly after the reunion, the dog has since been adopted by a new owner.


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