06/21/2011 10:26 am ET | Updated Aug 21, 2011

Peter Langenhahn: German Photographer Combines Hundreds Of Images From Single Sports Event (VIDEO)

Peter Langenhahn isn't your average sports photographer.

The German artist often snaps upwards of 3,000 photos at a single sporting event, which he narrows down to 300 hundred prime shots to be merged into a single, all encompassing image. In a sense, Langenhahn eliminates the time variable from sports.

"A photo is always a snapshot of a single moment," Langenhahn says. "My idea was to capture the collective scene, the best of so to speak, like a documentary film in one picture."

The process can take up to three months and results in a single 100-gigabyte image.

Langenhahn's works include a single image of all the fouls in a single soccer match, 29 basketball players on the court at once and show horses at a jumping event.

The pieces sell for 1,200 euros each.