Gilbert Gottfried Talks Tweeting After Aflac & The Best Part About Writing A Memoir (VIDEO)

06/22/2011 02:11 pm ET | Updated Jan 17, 2012

When veteran stand-up comedian Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the voice of Aflac for tweeting insensitive jokes after the Japanese tsunami, the comedy world was divided. On one hand, the comic tweeted tasteless jokes. On the other hand, has Gilbert Gottfried ever told a tasteful joke?

We sat down with Gottfried at Caroline's on Broadway shortly after his new memoir, "Rubber Balls And Liquor" hit shelves, and were able to hear his take on the Aflac fiasco. While he couldn't comment on the company directly, he did reveal his side of the story by discussing the media's reaction and the ramifications for what he considers his longtime comedic style.

Gottfried also talks about what it takes to write a memoir and even reveals the best part of the process (hint: it has nothing to do with writing). You can catch his stand-up set Thursday June 30 at Caroline's in NYC and pick up his book on Amazon.


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