06/22/2011 02:57 pm ET Updated Aug 22, 2011

Peter Kerre Creates 'MPLS Tornado' Page To Help Victims Of Minneapolis Tornado

From Japan to Joplin, Mo., social media has made a big impact on disaster relief. Now, tornado victims in Minneapolis, Minn. have also been helped online, thanks to a popular Facebook fan page.

Launched by New York resident Peter Kerre, the page is titled "North Minneapolis Post Tornado Watch." He says that it's had over 2 million page views and has been used by 14,000 people.

He told the Star Tribune that he got the idea after checking on the safety of his sister who lives in Minneapolis. After hearing about the extensive damage, he knew he had to do something and launched a page.

Thanks to his many Facebook followers -- he's a popular music promoter in New York, known as DJ Xpect -- the popularity of his page quickly grew.

Even so, he's quick to explain that he's just the messenger. The real heroes, he says, are the ones on the scene.

"The people of Minnesota are the true people with the willpower. I'm the one who connects them," Kerre told FOX 9.

From food delivery to legal advice, the page has helped countless tornado victims cope and rebuild their futures.


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