06/22/2011 07:42 pm ET | Updated Aug 22, 2011

Venice Shooting: 3 Shot, 2 Fatalities Reported

Correction: School staff sent a memo to the LA Times, clarifying that the students killed at Penmar Park were sophomores from Venice High School and Venice Skills center, not high school seniors. The third victim, who was treated for a leg wound, is also a sophomore at Venice High School.

UPDATED -- Twitter identifies the two victims as Venice Senior High School students Junior Diaz and Alan Mateo, reports LA Weekly. The two senior students were set to graduate today, according to another tweet.

The third victim was shot in the leg, reports the LA Times.

An eyewitness was able to tell the police she saw the gunman, a thin, hispanic man in baggy clothes, escape in a silver Volkswagen station wagon, reports Mar Vista Patch. The eyewitness, who was there for softball practice, was also able to provide a partial license plate.

The high school is one mile from Penmar Park.

PREVIOUSLY -- Three people have been shot at Penmar Park in Venice. Sgt. Andre Belotto confirmed to the HuffPost that two people are now dead and the third remaining victim is injured.

The suspect list includes five hispanic males in their late teens, reports NBC LA. While some people have been detained nearby the area, Belotto couldn't confirm whether or not anyone is in custody yet.

Gang detectives are on the scene to investigate possible gang activity. Penmar Park is a "hangout of one of our Venice gangs," Sgt. Belotto explained, and there's been some "friction" between two gangs recently. Sgt. Belotto guesses that the shooting is gang-related: "it's pointing that way, but nothing's confirmed."