06/23/2011 08:15 am ET | Updated Feb 27, 2012

Matt Lauer: Lindsay Lohan Canceled On Me (VIDEO)

Matt Lauer acknowledged on Thursday morning that Lindsay Lohan had scrapped a planned interview with him earlier in the week--but he was much more diplomatic about the circumstances than several reports about the incident.

Both TMZ and the New York Post reported that Lohan had canceled the interview with Lauer--who flew from New York to her Los Angeles home to film the chat.

According to TMZ, Lauer had already arrived at Lohan's house when she suddenly claimed she had not been told the interview would be a lengthy one. Lauer reportedly waited around while she and her publicist decided that, in fact, a long interview was not a good idea. Eventually, he left.

The Post reported that Lohan also demanded $100,000 for the interview--something NBC denied.

Lauer did not mention any of this on Thursday's "Today" show. After a report about Lohan's latest probation violation hearing, he explained what had happened.

"At the last minute, Lindsay and her people did express concerns about the timing of the interview and it was canceled," he said. "I think we're learning more this morning about the reasons for their concern."


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