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14 Beauty Tricks Men Should Steal From Women

First Posted: 06/23/11 09:37 AM ET   Updated: 08/23/11 06:12 AM ET

Men spend just over 20 minutes grooming each morning -- which clocks them in seven minutes faster than the average woman, according to one report.

How to spend those seven extra minutes? Maybe it's time more men "borrow" a few of the healthy habits women tend to incorporate into their routines.

So we asked the experts to tell us which beauty and skin tricks men should steal from women -- here, their 14 best suggestions (pedicures are optional).

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This is just the beginning ... what beauty tricks do you or the man in your life like to borrow? Share them here.
Stop washing your face with all-purpose soaps.
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While an all-in-one is convenient, it can also take a toll on the sensitive skin on your face. "It may seem that women have too many products, but using an 'all purpose' antibacterial soap can dry your skin," says Dr. Meghan O'Brien, M.D., a New York dermatologist and consulting dermatologist for Physician's Formula. Over time, drying out skin can cause irritation and even eczema, so opt for a gentle cleanser.
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