'Conan': Rob Corddry Talks 'Children's Hospital,' Tracy Morgan & Gets Booed (VIDEO)

06/23/2011 10:38 am ET | Updated Aug 23, 2011

Rob Corddry went on "Conan" to promote his Adult Swim series "Childrens Hospital," and as most interviews with Corddry go, the discussion between the actor and O'Brien was freewheeling and according to at last one audience member, just a little offensive.

After Conan asked him about the giant "Childrens Hospital" posters adorning many cities, which feature a visage of Corddry's face done up in clown make-up, Corddry acknowledged that the posters are terrifying. However, he still thinks the country needs to "stop being such a pussy."

But the former "Daily Show" correspondent then took it a step further. "If my son came up to me and said he wanted to be a clown, I would stab him in the face," echoing the controversial jokes made by Tracy Morgan recently that caused him to go on a lengthy apology tour.

"Cut to me apologizing to every clown in the world," Corddry joked. "I gotta fly to Ringling Brothers."

Corddry called back his joke later in the show -- after referring to a running gag on "Childrens Hospital" where men find Megan Mullally's character attractive because she is handicapped. At least one audience member found this offensive and started audibly booing. "If my son came to me and said he wanted to be handicapped..." Corddry quipped to diffuse the situation.

We highly suggest watching the full interview, in which Corddry also discusses how a plot of "Childrens Hospital" and an episode of "Grey's Anatomy" were inadvertently similar.


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