06/25/2011 11:40 am ET | Updated Aug 26, 2011

Could Happy Dog Be The Perfect Photobomber? (PICTURES)

Last week, Happy Dog entered our lives with his white teeth and oddly-human facial expressions, and we haven't looked back since. Who could resist his face? His sitting-on-the-couch-and-loving-live attitude?

While we do love the original Happy Dog just the way he is, we couldn't help but wonder if he'd be even better in someone else's photo as a photobomber. To test it, we decided to drop Happy Dog into photos from some of our favorite stories of the week such as Palin's bus tour, the
Dancing Eyebrows Kid and that crazy exorcism/bad acting video.

Think you can do better? Download your own Happy Dog here and stick him on whatever you want. Then, upload your photo to our slideshow below or email us the awesome images you come up with and we'll post the best ones!

The Funniest Happy Dog Photobombs