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Independence Day 2011: Bookstores We Love For Their Spirit Of Independence (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 06/27/11 09:20 AM ET   Updated: 08/27/11 06:12 AM ET

Independence Day 2011--it's approaching next week, and we wanted to celebrate the spirit of independence in books. In a difficult economy and a landscape of big box stores with no individuality, we asked you for your favorite independent bookstores from around the country and the world, the stores you go to for personal reading recommendations and for the discovery of new voices.

Here's what you've chosen so far this year and we'll run more tomorrow, including your suggestions if you'll leave them in the comments section below. And don't miss last year's series for other ideas:

Independent Bookstores
Independent Publishers
Big Books from Small Publishers

Send in your favorite independent bookstore along with a caption and a photo to see it added to the slideshow!
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San Francisco, CA

"Their big, hairy, audacious goal - Create the Independent Bookstore for the 21st Century."
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