Perrish Cox's Affidavit Not Going To Be Made Public This Week After All

06/29/2011 03:25 pm ET | Updated Aug 29, 2011

District Court Judge Paul King decided today that he won't be releasing Bronco Perrish Cox's affidavit to the public this week after all. After a brief hearing, Judge King agreed to delay the release again so Cox's attorney could have time to appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court.

Last week when Judge King ruled to unseal the affidavit, he said he would make it public in seven days to give Cox's attorneys enough time to appeal the order and to redact private information. The affidavit details allegations of two counts of sexual assault against cornerback Cox, to which Cox has pleaded not guilty. His trial date is set for October, and he could face two years to life in prison if he is convicted.

Attorney Steven Zansberg, who represents the Associated Press and the Denver Post in the effort to unseal the affidavit, said in an Associated Press report:

Irrespective of Mr. Cox's profession, courts of law and judicial records ... are open for public inspection absent extraordinary circumstances.

People should be able to monitor the process of court proceedings.

When the judge originally decided to keep the contents of the affidavit secret, it was done to protect Cox and the alleged victim.

Currently there is no set timetable for the release of the documents.

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